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Name: Josh Harder
Position: House (CA, 10)
Party: Democrat

Staffer: Jessica Ilaria
Telephone: 202-225-4540
Address: 131 Cannon House Office Building

Number of Contacts: 3 ( or 0% in support)
Cosponsor in 116th: Yes

Message and Talking Points


Leah Smith writes on 5/15/2019 at 5:03PM:
Hi Leah,
Thank you for reaching out about HR 555. The Congressman is very supportive of this bill, and we are just waiting to be added as a cosponsor now.

Thank you for reaching out to express your support for this legislation.

Leah Smith writes on 5/15/2019 at 2:51PM:
Hi Diana,

My name is Leah Smith and I am with ADAPT. ADAPT had sent some information to Andrew Noh in your office about the Disability Integration Act (HR 555), but who, I understand, is no longer working there. I just spoke with Noah in your office and he suggested that I reach out to you. With that said, we had sent Andrew information about the Disability Integration Act, but never heard back from him and Congressman Gomez has not signed onto the Disability Integration Act yet. I'm not sure if Andrew passed this information along to you, but I am including it again in this email. Feel free to also visit

In brief, The Disability Integration Act is a bicameral and bipartisan legislation that ensures people with disabilities have a right to live and receive services in their own homes. The DIA further secures our Constitutionally protected right to liberty by preventing disabled people from being forced into costly institutional settings by unnecessary government regulations. The DIA (S. 117/H.R. 555) in the 116th, introduced on January 15th in honor of the 90th birthday of the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), creates a comprehensive solution, assuring the full integration of disabled people in the community by:
??? clarifying that every individual who is eligible for LTSS has a federally protected right to a real choice in how they receive services and supports
??? assuring that states and other LTSS insurance providers deliver services in a manner that allows disabled individuals to live in the most integrated setting, have maximum control over their services and supports, and lead an independent life
??? articulates the right to live in the community without creating unnecessary or wasteful Government programs; States have broad latitude to determine how they will secure that right
??? establishing a comprehensive planning requirement that includes enforceable benchmarks
??? requiring public entities to address the need for affordable, accessible, integrated housing that is independent of service delivery

ADAPT will be in town next week and we would prefer to stop by your office to thank Congressman Gomez for his support.

Please feel free to call me back at 806.239.5582 or respond to this email to confirm that you have received this message and our emails requesting Congressman Gomez to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act.

Leah Smith writes on 5/15/2019 at 2:44PM:
Called and spoke with Bri. Since no previous information had been sent to this office, I confirmed if Jessica was the best point of contact regarding the Disability Integration Act. She said that would be best. Sarah was not available, but I will follow up via email

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