It's time to pass the Disability Integration Act!

The Coalition for Community Integration (CCI) is working to change federal policy so that Americans with disabilities and older Americans have a real choice in long term services and supports. The Coalition is working toward passage of the Disability Integration Act which would ensure that no Disabled American is denied life and liberty by being forced into unwanted institutionalization.

Many hundreds of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities are currently trapped in nursing facilities because our systems do not provide adequate home and community-based services. By offering long-term care services in the person's home and community, the Disability Integration Act will give people control over their lives and enable them to choose where they live. In addition to being the right thing to do, studies have demonstrated that providing home and community based services is a way states can contain their Medicaid costs.

The Disability Integration Act would require states and managed care organizations to provide the community based services and supports that people need to live independent and integrated lives! More information on the legislation is available at www.DisabilityIntegrationAct.org