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Name: F. James Sensenbrenner
Position: House (WI, 5)
Party: Republican

Staffer: Amy Bos
Telephone: 202-225-5101
Address: 2449 Rayburn House Office Building

Number of Contacts: 7 ( or 0% in support)
Cosponsor in 116th: Yes

Message and Talking Points


Dara Baldwin writes on 3/21/2019 at 12:41PM:
On 3/20/2019 - I met with Amy Bos to discuss the last two months of our work. Gave her an update on the campaigns we have going - to push for House E&C members to get on as well as a push to get as many Women from Congress on H.R. 555 for Women's History Month. I also gave her a few of our new DIA Postcards and let her know about how we are getting these out at conferences and events for advocates to use to get other groups involved. I updated her on the number of supporters for DIA we are getting the number has grown almost 30 more - I am trying to get more CR/HR groups on as supporters - NAACP, NAN, PFLAG, NCLR and others have joined in that past few days - NCC joined and will assist us with getting more faith base groups on as supporters. We also discussed the VOR letter sent to congress - there is no date on the letter. We will respond and I gave Amy some talking points and a counter to their objections to DIA.

We discussed my meetings with H E&C R members. I will send her an email with updates once these 12 members are done - there are 24 R members on E&C. I also want to connect her to Rep. Upton's staff as they were very helpful on our bipartisan work on the Mental Health bills over the years. I will do after my meeting with his office which is today.
I sent Amy the thank you email with DIA information that I send to each staff member I meet with just so she has for outreach with questions and concerns. I will meet with her in two weeks for another update meeting.

Marilee Adamski-Smith writes on 2/05/2019 at 2:27AM:
I started the Wisconsin DIA Phone Campaign on January 21st, just like we did to get Tammy Baldwin to sign onto the DIA last Congress. Every morning I send an email to 74 people in the Wisconsin Disability Network/Community which includes all the Executive Directors and other staff in the 8 CIL???s, Other Wisconsin Disability Organizations, and Advocates with disabilities around the State. I use Mailchimp to send the daily emails because it shows me a report of who opens my emails everyday. On Average 20 people open my daily email. In the daily email I give them everything (phone numbers and point of contact/staff for each office and a different message regarding the DIA bill) that they need for them to make the calls to all the Wisconsin Legislators that are not signed on the DIA Bill yet. My hope is that they all are making calls every day. In the daily email, I also ask them to report back to me so I can record any new news in here. A few people report back to me. When there is anything significant I will post again.

Marilee Adamski-Smith writes on 2/05/2019 at 1:38AM:
ADAPT members - Joseph and I went to Representative James Sensenbrenner's office on January 16th the day after the DIA reintroduction event - We met with Amy Bos and thanked her and Representative James Sensenbrenner for continuing to be our champion in Disability Rights by introducing the DIA Bill on the House side again.

Tim Bowman writes on 8/30/2018 at 1:12PM:
On August 30th, 2018, C4CI sent an email to Amy Bos ( asking whether Representative Sensenbrenner would be an initial co-sponsor of DIA if elected to the next Congress.

Ericka Jones writes on 6/04/2018 at 1:44PM:
On May 16th, ADAPT members met with Amy Bos, Legislative Director, to say thank you. She informed them that 2 weeks later there would be a congressional meeting about the bill. Additionally, Sensenbrenner would be hosting an event in the future where he will try to get more of the house representatives signed on.

Bruce Darling writes on 9/27/2017 at 3:30PM:
On September 27th, ADAPT members - as part of the Fall Action Hill Day - provided the office with information about the Disability Integration Act and asked that the Member of Congress cosponsor this legislation.

Stephanie Woodward writes on 4/13/2016 at 11:02AM:
On April 13, 2016 ADAPT members - as part of the Spring Action Hill Day - provided the office with information about the Disability Integration Act which has already been introduced in the US Senate and asked that the Member of Congress become initial cosponsor this legislation in the House.

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