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Name: Trey Gowdy
Position: House (SC, 4)
Party: Republican

Staffer: Mike Moran
Telephone: 202-225-6030
Address: 2418 Rayburn House Office Building

Number of Contacts: 1 ( or 0% in support)
Cosponsor: No


Laura Halvorson writes on 1/24/2018 at 2:21PM:
1/24/18: Sheryl and Laura spoke with Mike Moran-Legislative Assistant discussed talking points from DIA-R handout and told their personal stories. Emphasized constitutional right to choice of where to receive LTSS and gave NCD cost share saving stats for SC: $113,150-institution, $38,228-HCBS. Mike asked who introduced house bill in 114th (Gibson D-NY). Sheryl told him it's currently in E&C and Judiciary House committees. Gowdy is on Judiciary Committee. Mike said he sees no red flags with bill, will bring it up to the Congressman.

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